Dr. Ben Wadham
Sociology Department

Professor Wadham is a sociologist who studies men and violence at Flinders University in Adelaide, South Australia. Ben served as an infantry soldier and military investigator in the Australian Defence Force. His experiences drew him to ask questions about human violence, but also why when violence
occurs it is largely perpetrated by men. His areas of research are young men manhood and violence prevention.

His focus is culture and the cultures of men, and the ways that masculinity can be lived and expressed
respectfully and with an ethic of care. Ben also researches institutional abuse within militaries, and the
way that institutions foment certain kinds of violence but also obstruct their remediation. Ben has
published on Australian race relations, truth and reconciliation, and also on royal commissions into
institutional abuse.

He considers these issue within state, institutional and civil society relations. Professor Wadham is
particularly interested in the cultural contexts in which violence is produced and the ways in which
culture produces particular kinds of subjects that think, live and do violence toward others of all species.
He works with community organizations and schools to produce violence prevention curriculum and
initiatives pbritto@unicef.org


"At times we feel compelled to hold our past experiences accountable for our present condition. The desire to blame who we are on what did or did not occur in our lives overpowers our need to be accountable for what we choose to do or not do about it. It is not the action, but the reaction to the action that is of the most importance. To live this truth is our opportunity to redefine ourselves." – Richard A. Snipes


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